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We take pride in being a true solutions provider, not just a typical software vendor. CourTNet’s software encapsulates adaptable business processes with user definable business rules to provide you with a comprehensive, easy to learn, browser-based court solutions. We strive to bring you high quality Information Technology Solutions that can run over the internet. Our flexible solutions allow you to run your office in a manner which best suits your county. We work to meet your specific needs and help your court reach the highest efficiency level, so that clerks can focus on providing outstanding customer service.

CourTNet’s role does not end once the software is licensed; instead we continue to provide hands-on support. We personalize training and services to meet your need and form an on-going support network that allows you instant and easy access to help and technicians. Quickly you will realize we have become an integral part of your team.

Information Capital

Information Capital brings together the diverse sectors of county government into a single integrated software solution. Anyone who browses the Internet can use our software. Its web-based navigation is very user-friendly. Best of all, our software is designed by you! We take your comments and suggestions and quickly turn them into the software’s reality. Our software evolves to fit your needs and make your job easier. Our software simplifies your processes by automating many of your repetitive tasks. By using simple down-to-earth techniques, we help you transform clerks’ individual tasks into integrated digital workflows that bring all business processes together into one comprehensive solution, making your office more efficient.

With over 30 years of experience working with Tennessee courts, we have knowledge of the past regulations and traditions, we understand your current needs, and we are developing cutting-edge and proven solutions to secure your future.

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